Sunday, July 4, 2010

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Facts for July last in my series ( Twelve months now complete)

1. July 1st 1916: Royal Nfld.Regiment in action at Beaumont Hamel almost entirely wiped out .This day declared as Memorial Day each year.
2. July 3rd 1932: To Honor men who fought in the First World War a War memorial was erected in Curling .
3. July 4th 1834: Michael Alyward was tried and found guilty of helping three people ecsape from jail at Harbour Grace .He was sentenced to perpetual banishment from the country.
4. July 5th 1898: The first Teachers Convention was held in St. Patrick's Hall St. John's NL at which there were 400 teachers.
5. July 9th 1892: Dr.Wilfred T. Grenfell first arrived in Newfoundland in the ketch "Albert".
6. July 11th 1918: Newfoundland Motor Association was formed .
7. July 13th 1865:Rev. U.Z.Rule,first resident clergyman for the Bay of Islands arrived at Birchy Cove(Curling)
8. July 15th 1914: Bowering Park in St. John's ,was opened by the Duke of Devonshire .
9. July 17th 1905: The First Anglican Church in Fox Roost-Margaree was consecrated by the Rt.Reverand LLewllyn Jones Bishop ofNewfoundland .
10. July 19th 1781 : Luke Ryan,a butcher in St. John's was fined 10 pounds sterling for selling meat as high as one shilling and three pence a pound.
11. July 20th 1905: John Connors ,a fisherman from St. Bride's Placentia Bay ,caught a cod fish weighing in at 130 pounds before split.
12. July 21st 1876: The Humber River , Bay of ISlands is fished by the Brake family ,who had lived at the mouth of the river for about 100 years.
13. July 26th 1832: There was a proclamation stating that the Island of Newfoundland was to be divided into nine electoral districts.
14. July 30th 1871 : St. mary's Church , Birchy Cove built by Mr. Harvey , was consecrated by Bishop Kelly .